Credential Holder Directories for Google Cloud Certified Professionals

Google recently started the Credential Holder Directory initiative for Google Cloud Certified Professionals. Google Cloud Certifications are around for a while, but Google didn’t have a centralized listing of certified professionals in the past. With the Credential Holder Directory initiative, Google gives an option for professionals to maintain their own personal directories with all relevant… Continue reading Credential Holder Directories for Google Cloud Certified Professionals

IPv6 on AWS

IPv6 is finally gaining some momentum, thanks to support from several public cloud vendors and data center players in the recent months. Beyond the infrastructure players, the slow migration of several ISPs and corporations towards IPv6 is evident in Google’s IPv6 traffic statistics: Hovering around 13%, the adoption rate is impressive in the recent months… Continue reading IPv6 on AWS

Costs of Data Center Outages

This post at discusses several interesting metrics and forecasts. They include Data transfer metrics from/to Data Centers Top causes for Data Center Downtimes Top Cloud Outages due to Data Center Downtimes Projected outage costs As cloud based services become more and more prominent, the reliance on data centers is pushed from end customers to… Continue reading Costs of Data Center Outages

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Netflix Open Source – Inauguration

Today, Netflix conducted the inaugural open house of its opensource applications.This is the first ever public event of Netflix in its opensource efforts that started almost three years ago.   There are several opensource projects that Netflix lined up for this event. Here are the ones I personally liked Asgard: Web application for application deployment… Continue reading Netflix Open Source – Inauguration