Netflix Open Source – Inauguration

07 Feb

Today, Netflix conducted the inaugural open house of its opensource applications.This is the first ever public event of Netflix in its opensource efforts that started almost three years ago.


Netflix OSS Inauguration

There are several opensource projects that Netflix lined up for this event. Here are the ones I personally liked

  • Asgard: Web application for application deployment and cloud management. I like the simplicity and focus of this web application. Primarily speaking the AWS language, this is a great tool.
  • Denominator: This project doesn’t feature yet on Netflix’s github page (at least at the time of the writing) but this is something very close to the challenge I face regularly – How to ensure the name services integrity and availability in business continuity situations.

Visit Netflix’s opensource page at This site presents you with a familiar Netflix streaming interface to the company’s new baby.

Netflix OSS

The next meetup is scheduled for March 13th.


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