Vaughan, Vaseline and the game of cricket

10 Aug

There are very few things that bring a smile on your face while you are reading a newspaper early in the morning. Especially with global economic fallout to riots in Britain to senseless political statements back home in Andhra Pradesh, we have very few reasons to smile.

However, today’s print advertisement by Vaseline (facebook page here) brought a cheerful smile on my face. Big bat, small print, big impact. After a long time, I saw a clever print advertisement and followup social networking application that uses the current news effectively. Good job Vaseline team!

I think Vaughan spent more time on how Laxman was declared not out rather than spending time on how to make Laxman out. Looks like he has great levels of past experience using which he could attribute that not out decision to Vaseline.


Love Aaj Kal Promos

25 Jul

The promos of the movie Love Aaj Kal is one of the best I have seen in recent times. The TV promos are good enough, given the nice music. When I checked out their website, I got a pleasant surprise. Here are the good things I like about the movie website.

  • The main page features only a couple of items: A disposable paper cup representing the present (2009) and a traditional Indian tea glass representing the past (1965). Nice thinking, glove in hand with the storyline of the movie.
  • The way the photos are swapped (as if you are moving them with your hand) in the stack to show your selection. Reminds me of all those tabletop prototypes.

Very sensible website indeed!

BTW, the topic of discussion between me, my wife and my daughter is the dress style of of Deepika in the Chor Bazaari song from the movie.


21 Jun

Here are a couple of Ads I loved to watch:

  • Intel: Our Superstars are a little different from yours.
  • Maruti Suzuki:  The advertisement that features a kid crying while his mom is busy with Mehendi. A bit tough to comprehend, but really a nice one.

Mitigate the recession

20 Nov

How do the FMCGs and other retail economy players adjust fast to a recession? Going by the trends I have seen, they usually try to lower their margins yet improve their sales and increase their reach.

For example, the entry level for Colgate-Palmolive’s toothpaste in India is recently reduced from Rs. 6 to Rs 5. Why does it matter? Because the 5 rupee coin in India is more like a nickel in US: frequently used, considerable amount yet affordable for many. Especially in India’s rural economy, there is a lot of difference between being able to buy something with Rs. 5 versus Rs. 6. The next barrier is at Rs. 10, which is the typical price for a single serving of soft drinks, potato chips, chocolates, etc.

With moves like this, India’s FMCG giants are slowly unveiling their plans to stay put in a tougher economic scenario.  For example, remember the last time you could buy a Coke or ThumsUp in India for Rs. 5? And the historic sales growth that move created a few years ago?
We need to see how it works this time.

Hrithik, Cinthol and the Action

11 Apr

Godrej’s Cinthol is my favorite soap for situations like hot summers and post sweaty activities. Godrej recently relaunched an improved range of Cinthol. I stumbled up on a well shot advertisement featuring Hrithik Roshan and Cinthol during my short TV time earlier this week. Despite being well shot, will this advertisement take the product range to the younger generation of consumers? Will it considerably improve the sales of this good product? We need to wait and see.

A short sidetrack from the techie side of me: They might have spent a few crores of rupees on the advertisement, but their brand website for Cinthol (linked from their product page) greets with Apache webserver’s welcome page. They should have spent a few thousands ironing this one out!

Obama, Hillary and a Telugu Daily

17 Mar

Obama and Hillary and engaged in the closest battle for nomination in the recent history. Neither of them would have predicted that their fight for nomination would be the theme for an advertisement across the globe, that too for a local Telugu daily.

While driving to my brother’s place today, I spotted an advertisement for Sakshi, a Telugu daily to be launched on March 24th. The text in the advertisement reads (in Telugu):

Mee naannaki America adhyakhudu Bush ani ennikala falitaala tarvaata telisindi. Pagee tippithe chaalu, Obama Hillary-la balaabalaalu meeku telustaayi.

The closest English translation would be:

Your father came to know that Bush is President of America only after the election results are declared. When you flip a page, you would know the current standings [in delegate counts] of Obama and Hillary.

Interesting advertisement. :-). Congratulations Obama and Hillary!