Vaughan, Vaseline and the game of cricket

There are very few things that bring a smile on your face while you are reading a newspaper early in the morning. Especially with global economic fallout to riots in Britain to senseless political statements back home in Andhra Pradesh, we have very few reasons to smile. However, today’s print advertisement by Vaseline (facebook page… Continue reading Vaughan, Vaseline and the game of cricket


Here are a couple of Ads I loved to watch: Intel: Our Superstars are a little different from yours. Maruti Suzuki:  The advertisement that features a kid crying while his mom is busy with Mehendi. A bit tough to comprehend, but really a nice one.

Irritating a bit, yet funny

The new series of ads from Vodafone India are a bit irritating (for their crisp sounds) yet really funny. They feature ant-looking bean people in several funny situations. Good thinking…

Mitigate the recession

How do the FMCGs and other retail economy players adjust fast to a recession? Going by the trends I have seen, they usually try to lower their margins yet improve their sales and increase their reach. For example, the entry level for Colgate-Palmolive’s toothpaste in India is recently reduced from Rs. 6 to Rs 5.… Continue reading Mitigate the recession

Best ad of the season?

I really liked the TV advertisement aired by Lazboy. The ad features the memorial day weekend sale in a really nice and simple theme. Customers simply relax in a store trying out their potential purchases. What a lazy idea? 🙂

Hrithik, Cinthol and the Action

Godrej’s Cinthol is my favorite soap for situations like hot summers and post sweaty activities. Godrej recently relaunched an improved range of Cinthol. I stumbled up on a well shot advertisement featuring Hrithik Roshan and Cinthol during my short TV time earlier this week. Despite being well shot, will this advertisement take the product range… Continue reading Hrithik, Cinthol and the Action