Upgrades and Fixes

Spent the weekend upgrading my home systems and fixing some of the hosting issues I have. This includes Upgrading a temp OpenSolaris installation to the latest Solaris Express build. Upgrading the VirtualBox instances to the latest build Upgrading the Ubuntu instances to the latest build Upgrading PHP on a particular box to 5.2.10 Reviewing the… Continue reading Upgrades and Fixes

Unix, Reboots and System Administration

Paul Venezia has written three good articles in the last few days and they are really worth reading. First, he talks about the nine traits of the Veteran Unix Admin, that summarized a bunch of characteristics of seasoned Unix admins. The ninth trait led to a bigger discussion on rebooting and how Unix boxes are… Continue reading Unix, Reboots and System Administration

VmWare, BSD, Jails, zones, …

I liked the entire discussion here. Both the post and the comments are really interesting. There are several user land inputs related to virtualization there. Know your payload, VmWare server versus the ESXi, BSD Jails for certain native tasks, Solaris zones, etc. The post and the comments are a very good read.

The bigger giants

The big are going to be bigger: Is that what this downturn going to give us? For example, Cisco plans datacenter in a box (call it as a Cisco-Intel-MS-VMware-EMC-BMC combo offer.) IBM eyes Sun. This portfolio diversification may make some of these companies better prepared for the upturn. The biggest take away from all this… Continue reading The bigger giants

Talk on Virtualization At Spurthi-09

It is more than 2 weeks since I did this talk on Virtualization and VMWare at Spurthi-09. The talk is well received. I couldn’t spend much “post-class socializing time” at the venue due to travel pressures. If the attendees have any further questions, they can feel free to contact me.

Virtualization Weekend

Pretty much the whole weekend is gone to VmWare and VirtualBox 2.0. Not a decent success in making ESXi work on my laptop, but VirtualBox 2.0 is running simply fine. The ESXi hypervisor is not detecting the hard disk on my laptop. This is something that I need to look into and see if this… Continue reading Virtualization Weekend