Libressl ( is a recent fork of OpenSSL. The goal of libressl is to provide a more secure alternative to openssl and the developers who forked the code feel that openssl is beyond repair at this point. Quoting from libressl website, LibreSSL is a version of the TLS/crypto stack forked from OpenSSL in 2014, with… Continue reading libressl

Enterprises And OpenStack

A technology might show lot of potential, but its commercial success in certain market segments is driven by a varied set of factors. Take OpenStack, the technology that comes to mind when we talk about private clouds, for example. The technology has all the right ideas for it to be the primary choice of implementation… Continue reading Enterprises And OpenStack

Pi: Ready To Serve

I got hooked onto Raspberry Pi in recent weeks. Here are a few factors that contributed to this fanciness towards the device Simplicity of the device Ability to compile accessories from existing gear Potential of the device to serve to a wide range of use cases Ability to start simple and then dig deeper Potential… Continue reading Pi: Ready To Serve

Moving to Twenty Thirteen Theme

I was using Graphene theme of WordPress for quite some time. The biggest takeaways from the theme are extreme customization (font families, headers, footers, analytics), sliders, nice graphics and more. In the last few days, I started tilting more towards simple themes that would offer very simple layout and page views. So I started playing… Continue reading Moving to Twenty Thirteen Theme

Obituary – Atul Chitnis

Atul Chitnis is no more. That comes as a sad news for not only me, but also for the entire open source community in India and worldwide. Atul founded and ran with passion. Beyond, he is the go to guy for many hacks to make opensource software work. During the initial days of… Continue reading Obituary – Atul Chitnis

few edits using gimp

Took the pictures from my previous post and checked a few things with gimp. First time play with the levels tool in gimp. Tried to make the colors more striking and here are the results from a few minutes of play with gimp. First time use of color manipulation tools of gimp…