Chayakriti 2014

The annual photo exhibition of Twin Cities Photography Club ( and ) is currently being held at Muse Art Gallery, Marriott Hotel and Convention Center (some people remember this place as Viceroy Hotel.) This exhibition displays 60+ selected works from members of Twin Cities Photography Club. The last date for the exhibition is 11th… Continue reading Chayakriti 2014

Calm and Pleasant

A calm and pleasant moment at our SA Palm Meadows. And for those who want a bit of details, this photo is shot close to midnight, with a 50mm prime lens at 1.8f and 1/25 shutter speed.

TCPC – Gigapan

Today’s TCPC meetup on Introduction to Gigapan Photography is an unusual and unique one – none of us are required to take our cameras out. However, as a practice, we did take our cameras out :-). Gigapan is pioneer of gigapixel panoramic views: it makes devices, software and infrastructure for creating, sharing and viewing very… Continue reading TCPC – Gigapan

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Introductory Wildlife Photography Meetup

Twin Cities Photography Club (TCPC) conducted a meetup on Introductory Wildlife Photography on 24th August.  The meetup is attended by about 20 members. I enrolled into the meetup closer to the end of the RSVP process. The day was sunny and bright enough for shooting in the wild. We headed to Narsapur forest, about 40km… Continue reading Introductory Wildlife Photography Meetup

Twin Cities Photography Club – Heritage Walk

Well spent Sunday morning! Twin Cities Photography Club (TCPC) organized an event today called Heritage Walk – Looking back at History. This is the second edition of the event that got great response for participation. Today, about 30 members of the TCPC grouped together at Charminar. After the registration formalities, we headed out for a… Continue reading Twin Cities Photography Club – Heritage Walk

Rain Soaked

Heavy rain in Hyderabad this evening. The rain for sure might have disturbed the peace of commuters heading back home on a Saturday evening. On the positive side though, it presented very nice and picturesque views around. Here is the evening in pictures.   Rain-Soaked-2013-06-08  


Summer made us to gulp lot of fluids of all sorts. This float is one of those. I would love to get more of these…

few edits using gimp

Took the pictures from my previous post and checked a few things with gimp. First time play with the levels tool in gimp. Tried to make the colors more striking and here are the results from a few minutes of play with gimp. First time use of color manipulation tools of gimp…

Time to tempt with chocolates

Its time to tempt with pictures of a chocolate box. Shot this Ghirardelli cable car box with two different focus points. In both cases, used 5.6 FNumber and 3/10ths of a second of shutter speed. The Focal Length is 72 on the lens and didn’t use flash. Used the light coming out of a wall… Continue reading Time to tempt with chocolates

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