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Here is a brief writeup about myself

I am born and brought up in Coastal Andhra Pradesh, India. Currently a resident of Hyderabad city, I work with Salesforce as Principal Member of Technical Staff. In the past, I worked with Netflix (as consultant), Secvice, NetEnrich (for about 7 years), Sun (for about 12 years) and a couple of other companies. In the last couple of  decades, I had a chance to work with great minds in the industry and learned a lot from them. Most of my recent experience is in securely managing remote systems and architecture of systems/infrastructure management solutions that cover DevOps, Automation and Information Security. Personally, I am a big fan of open source technologies. I am a trained mentor and work with students and talent pools both in individual and one to many capacities.

What this site is all about

I like putting together my thoughts in the form of articles and posts. My website  contains my thoughts about both technical and non technical aspects of my life. I am a strong believer of freedom of expression. Having said that, I also believe that freedom of expression doesn’t mean unlimited freedom. I respect differing view points and believe that orthogonal view points bring out the best of the  topic and individuals involved in those viewpoints.

15 thoughts on “About Raju Alluri

  1. While browsing the net for some topics I came here.
    Then I couldn’t stop myself to spare some time to give feedback.

    I think those who are doing blogging, must visit this before creating their bolg.

    Informative, Simple, Healthy…………..Blog.

    Narration in topics is so good.

  2. I came across this blog when i was searching for SPHOORTHI which takes care of children, and could not stop myself with out reading the blogs.

    I appreciate the fact that how we can bring family together inspite of the busy schedules one is going through these days.

    And I realize how small things in life can bring a value difference.

  3. Raju garu –

    I was searching for on of my other acquaintance. His name is also raju alluri. Some how i landed on your page through google. I really liked your page. Simple things and very informative about things going aroung in india. Well Good to contact you. You said currently you are working in hyderabad. I am coming to india some time in february. I hope to meet you if possible.

  4. Somasundaram garu,
    Thanks for the encouraging words. Please send an email to spurthi at_ when you are around in Hyderabad, so that we can chat.
    Regarding the other Raju Alluri, if he is the one who lived in Bay Area and later in LA area, I know him. Send an email if thats the one. Hope your search succeeds.

  5. hello sir,
    while browsing for some content, i accidentally visited ur blog n i cudnt stop reading it.
    im aware of ur name since last year frm when i hv gravitated to opensource aftr attending sun tech days. bt dun kno mch abt u.
    ur blog is providing all the info abt all the events tht r going on in opensource.
    thnx 4 offering us this blog!
    ur blog is really awesome n cool, providing technical n non-technical aspects. i myself couldnt stop reading it.

  6. dear raju garu,
    i found your blog in quest of something else in google. nice to see you with your views. i am also from palakol, infact i know about you much from my first boss, mr.harnadh raju where we both had a good time when working in ecoboard. infact i am neighbour of mr.madhu (harnadh’s co brother). even i worked with kakinada varma also, he used to refer you as mr.satish i believe.
    nice to see you in your blog.
    now i am working as a manager with v3 engineeers pvt ltd., in this we are going to deal with modular kitchens, wardrobes,doors.
    here i am dropping my mobile no. 99 59 65 35 35.
    keep mailing
    sai ram (saikumar)

  7. I came across your blog while searching something else and was impressed by the simplicity and whatever you currently observed. I am very new to blogging, dont know much about putting up websites. I got to learn a few things to learn from your site, thought I\’d stop by and let you know. Very very fresh and original, thats what attracts readers to your site. Keep it that way.

  8. raju garu,
    after a long time, i am posting my comment here again. Since Jan of last year, i became a regular reader of your blog. It became a bookmark of all the browsers in my pc in a short span of time. From few months, I am reading your posts like a newspaper, regularly. The narration and language is very impressive and informative. One can learn good english with your blog.
    Happy to know that you are starting to write posts in telugu too! We can see your proficiency in telugu also. 🙂
    Hope, I will see you soon directly in Tech Days!

    Thanks for providing us this blog!

    Pranav Ainavolu

  9. Hello Sir,
    How are you doing?
    Glad to know your back in Hydrabad.In case you remember me am atul jha one of the organizer of and met you in Hydrabad itself.

    We are looking forward to have the event going 3ed year in row.
    Looking forward to have chat/talk with you.
    You can get back to me on my mail id .


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