Alec indicated yesterday that he separating with Sun. After about 17 years. While I was at Sun, he is very patient in answering all my stupid questions on security. I bet he stored all my internal chat sessions somewhere in a jokes folder. 🙂 Thanks Alec, thanks for your patience and thanks for dropsafe. Wish… Continue reading Alec

Opensource Rewards Program

Another Opensource related rewards program from Sun. Key contributors to these communities will be rewarded: GlassFish, NetBeans, OpenJDK,, OpenSolaris and OpenSPARC. It is not just one contest, but each community will have its own rules and judging criteria.

Separating with Sun

This news may surprise many of you who know about my passion for the company and its technologies. I joined Sun as a consultant in 1995 and took a full time position in 1997. Relocated to India in 2001, but stayed with Sun. It is not easy leaving a company where I learned a lot… Continue reading Separating with Sun

Medical Evaluations

Sun is conducting medical evaluations for all the employees in India, in collaboration with the insurance company and Sagar Hospitals. I am glad to see lot of employees are taking this opportunity and sparing time to get themselves evaluated. I went thru these tests on Monday and the reports came on Wednesday. All the reports… Continue reading Medical Evaluations

John and Katy

It is always refreshing to talk to some people. John has been doing great work on how to open up ARC process for communities and how to tune it to the changing landscape of scale, participation and the audience. This morning, I had a 15 minute stop over at Katy’s office along with John. We… Continue reading John and Katy

SUNW is JAVA now…

In the last decade of my exposure to US stock markets, I have seen a company’s ticker symbol change only when there are mergers and takeovers and subsequent consolidations. I have never seen a company rebranding itself in the financial markets, without actually going for a formal name change. That unusual event happened with Sun… Continue reading SUNW is JAVA now…

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Sun in top-10 employers in India

Recently published results from Dataquest put Sun at number 10 in the best employer list in India. Sun ranked high on employee satisfaction score and topped the ranks in categories like work-life balance.

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Code For Freedom!

Happy 60th Independence Day, India! In this global economy, innovations are critical to a country’s growth. India made a mark in the global arena as an emerging economy, now time to showcase its potential to innovate. For innovations to be competent and cost effective, countries like India should look towards tools and solutions that are… Continue reading Code For Freedom!

UltraSparc T2

The UltraSparc T2 processor is just amazing! 60Gbps BW capacity? 64 threads simultaneously running? At about 95 Watts? This is gonna rock! BTW, if you are eager to know what we are going to get you in 2008, look at the graph at the end of this data sheet.

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This SEC filing by Sun (which I obtained thru RSS feeds) talks about potential costs in first half of FY08 due to reductions in workforce.

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