Bicycle degreasing

Saturday morning fun activity: Got rid of excess grease and (dried up) dirt from chain, front/rear derailleur, chain-rings and sprockets. Greased these parts again. Pedaled for a few minutes and found that these parts caught dirt again. New and wet dirt though. Feeling great! 2014-04-bicycle-01


Hyderabad Bicycling Club (HBC) and World Wildlife Fund organized Bicyclone-3, the eco-friendly cycle ride today. The response was awesome. Good to see so many school kids turning up for this event. I opted to rent a bike for this 20km ride, so that I could avoid the 30km commute to/from the venue. That turned out… Continue reading Bicyclone-3

Copenhagen Wheel

What happens when a premier academic institution teams up with the City of cyclists? You see one of the best inventions getting now into mass production. MIT’s SENSEable City Lab and City of Copenhagen bring us a pedal assist electric system called the Copenhagen Wheel. The wheel can be retrofitted almost on any bicycle. Superpedestrian,… Continue reading Copenhagen Wheel