Change is ineviatable. Change is good. Sustainable positive change reinforces confidence, helps set larger (read long term) goals and helps in incremental improvements in life. Here are my running pics that are 11 years apart. These 11 years have seen some interesting changes in my running habit. The following list gives a summary of highlights… Continue reading Change

Credential Holder Directories for Google Cloud Certified Professionals

Google recently started the Credential Holder Directory initiative for Google Cloud Certified Professionals. Google Cloud Certifications are around for a while, but Google didn’t have a centralized listing of certified professionals in the past. With the Credential Holder Directory initiative, Google gives an option for professionals to maintain their own personal directories with all relevant… Continue reading Credential Holder Directories for Google Cloud Certified Professionals

Brave Browser

Started using Brave browser recently. I am quite impressed with the security features. Now a days it is my browser of choice for reading several news and entertainment sites. It limits the eye-catching distractions that are otherwise irksome. I like the way shields work and I often control the security settings either at global level… Continue reading Brave Browser

కొత్త కథ 2017

Kotta Katha 2017

అక్కిరాజు భట్టిప్రోలు – తొంభయ్యవ దశకంలో సెంట్రల్ యూనివర్సిటీ రోజుల్నుండీ పరిచయం, అటుతర్వాతి అమెరికా రోజుల్లో తనతో మంచి స్నేహం. తను కుప్పిలి పద్మ గారితో కలిసి సంకలనం చేసిన “కొత్త à°•à°¥ 2017” చదివాను. చదివాను అనడం కంటే, ఏకబిగిన చదివాను అనడం కరెక్టు. కొత్త à°•à°¥ 2017 లోని కథల గురించి, నా అభిప్రాయం: బ్రదర్ ఆఫ్ బంగారి – అక్కిరాజు భట్టిప్రోలు: సమకాలీన యువతుల ఆలోచనారీతిని కళ్ళకు కట్టినట్టుగా చూపించే à°•à°¥. లక్ష్మి… Continue reading కొత్త à°•à°¥ 2017

IPv6 on AWS

IPv6 is finally gaining some momentum, thanks to support from several public cloud vendors and data center players in the recent months. Beyond the infrastructure players, the slow migration of several ISPs and corporations towards IPv6 is evident in Google’s IPv6 traffic statistics: Hovering around 13%, the adoption rate is impressive in the recent months… Continue reading IPv6 on AWS

Reading between the lines: PM’s speech on New Year’s Eve

PM Narendra Modi’s speech on New Year’s even has less surprises. However, the speech contains inherent messages that give an idea of how the economic policies are going to take shape in the next few weeks that lead to the budget.

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High Denomination Notes Cease To Be Legal Tender

PM Modi Announces cancellation of the legal tender nature of India’s High Denomination notes of Rs. 500 and 1000. How do we make the transition to new currency notes smoother?

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