Brave Browser

Started using Brave browser recently. I am quite impressed with the security features. Now a days it is my browser of choice for reading several news and entertainment sites. It limits the eye-catching distractions that are otherwise irksome. I like the way shields work and I often control the security settings either at global level… Continue reading Brave Browser

Identity as the Perimeter

The perimeter of an enterprise has been its LAN and WAN for quite a number of years. The popularity of VPN based remote access did extend the definition of an enterprise’s perimeter to the remote presence of its employees, albeit for short bursts of time more often than not. As trends like Cloud based services… Continue reading Identity as the Perimeter

Availability is a fundamental requirement of Security

When people talk about security, they often picture confidentiality and integrity in their mind. However, the role of availability is equally important while defining the security. In fact, the term security is defined as a combination of confidentiality, integrity and availability by major standards and certifications. There is a quote on a lighter tone in… Continue reading Availability is a fundamental requirement of Security

Data Insurance: to Limelight and Mainstream

In contrast with other essential elements of human life like death and taxes, the history of insurance has been very short. However, in terms of evolution, the concept of insurance has been constantly changing and continuously embracing new domains. Insurance of properties, life, health, beauty, athletic talent and limbs are very trivial now. Data insurance,… Continue reading Data Insurance: to Limelight and Mainstream


Libressl ( is a recent fork of OpenSSL. The goal of libressl is to provide a more secure alternative to openssl and the developers who forked the code feel that openssl is beyond repair at this point. Quoting from libressl website, LibreSSL is a version of the TLS/crypto stack forked from OpenSSL in 2014, with… Continue reading libressl

Email Transit Security Needs Better Adoption

Email transit security is not a new concept, but it deserves more attention in terms of adoption and practice. Email has become the key component for information access – every online service identifies you through your email id. All online transactions (not just financial transactions) have one or more transactional email sent to you. Examples… Continue reading Email Transit Security Needs Better Adoption