SRKR Engineering Collge Visit

[Another backlog post from March 12th.] Visited SRKR Engineering College on March 12th. This trip combined several activities at the college: Meeting of Bhimavaram Open Solaris User Group and inviting new members. Review of specification for new hardware that would install OpenSolaris in labs. Guidance for summer projects in open source. The OpenSolaris meet is… Continue reading SRKR Engineering Collge Visit

Sun Tech Days Day02

It is fun and technology again. No time to take photos. Shared some ideas, issues, tools and tricks with my OpenSolaris buddies and some of the attendees. More socializing with Sun folks. Interacted with more attendees and suggested hints on the best ways to learn (a) OpenSoalris, (b) Java technologies. There are some in depth… Continue reading Sun Tech Days Day02


This week, I checked out ibibo, a social networking site targeted primarily towards India’s netizens. At first, I thought that this is similar to facebook, but later found some key differences. ibibo depends heavily on pre-cooked applications (blogs, photos, polls, yada, yada) and facebook has a rich set of user or group contributed applications. facebook… Continue reading ibibo

Sun Tech Days Hyderabad: What a Start!

Wow! Thats the word that came to my mind when I saw the keynote hall of Sun Tech Days – Hyderabad event at Hyderabad International Convention Center this morning. By 8.00am this place is so alive both in terms of excitement level and spectacular visual appeal. Located in the premises of the Novotel hotel, this… Continue reading Sun Tech Days Hyderabad: What a Start!