Calm and Pleasant

A calm and pleasant moment at our SA Palm Meadows. And for those who want a bit of details, this photo is shot close to midnight, with a 50mm prime lens at 1.8f and 1/25 shutter speed.

Vinayaka Chaviti at NetEnrich Office

Our family offered pooja at NetEnrich office this year on Vinayaka Chaviti. Surya couldn’t join because of his examination schedule on the following day. Our coworkers and support staff participated in the rituals. After pooja, we had a photo session and prasadam (food that was offered to God) session. This year, our office used clay-made… Continue reading Vinayaka Chaviti at NetEnrich Office

Vinayaka Chaviti at Home

This year’s Vinayaka Chaviti at home is a simple affair. Spurthi and Surya front-ended the pooja process at home. Here are a few pics:   Vinayaka-Chaviti-2013-Home  

Anniversary 2013

Our Anniversary day greeted us with sober and drizzling weather. I could go for an additional few minutes of bicycling in the rain, making it a nice start. Latha has Sravana Sukravaaram (the Friday in the Telugu month of Sravana) pooja in the morning. In the evening, we headed out for a family dinner at… Continue reading Anniversary 2013


Aero is brought home this weekend. Aero is our new puppy – Labrador breed. He is about a month old and we bought him over the weekend. Still there are a few things to arrange for him at home, but he is finding the marble floor comfortable enough to sleep at will. He already found… Continue reading Aero

Replublic Day 2013

My Republic Day morning is spent at SA Palm Meadows. After a brief session of Squash, I headed to the flag hoisting ceremony organized by the community. This short and sweet function is attended by residents of our community – from all age groups. The sequence of events included flag hoisting, message by the President… Continue reading Replublic Day 2013

Three Phones

I have been using three phones in the recent past and all three have their own distinct purpose. The purpose of these devices is varying a lot and I am on the verge of kicking out one. The choice seems to be very trivial in terms of which one of these is being kicked out.… Continue reading Three Phones

New Rebel

Here is our new “Rebel” in the block. A casual picture on 02nd September at SA Palm Meadows. And for the uninformed – Rebel is not just the upcoming Telugu Movie; it is a popular camera brand from Canon.  

Wedding Anniversary

Our wedding anniversary turned out to be quite a busy day. We could head out in the morning for a really uneventful shopping session. Lunch at Little Italy is really nice with its comprehensive menu – we are too full by the time we headed out of the restaurant. Because of kids’ busy schedules, dinner… Continue reading Wedding Anniversary