Vinayaka Chaviti at NetEnrich Office

10 Sep

Our family offered pooja at NetEnrich office this year on Vinayaka Chaviti. Surya couldn’t join because of his examination schedule on the following day. Our coworkers and support staff participated in the rituals. After pooja, we had a photo session and prasadam (food that was offered to God) session.

This year, our office used clay-made Ganesha idol that is environment friendly (no plaster of  Paris or lead based colors.) With each passing year, it is good to see several individuals and organizations following this model.

Here is our morning in pictures:



Bicycle to work rally

05 Jun

This morning’s “Cycle To Work Rally” is a huge hit.

Today’s bicycle rally is all about encouraging people to come to work on their bicycles more often. APIIC and Hyderabad Bicycling Club (HBC) conducted this rally.

I reached venue by 7.15am and the registration process is smooth. Lines are fast reduced and well planned RSVP process completed the registration in a snap. Breakfast arrangements are good. The breakfast bag contained right kind of food for the occasion – nutrient, ample and diverse. Participation T-shirt is of very nice quality. Bike-Station and HBC arranged loaner bicycles for participants who want to use a temporary one for the day.

Participants are engaged in a nice bicycle quiz till the participants complete the registration process and gather at the start point. Presence of V.V.S. Laxman is morale boosting. Smt. Gita Reddy (Minister, Andhra Pradesh) did the flag off.

Both Sunil and myself from NetEnrich participated in the rally and we are glad to meet some of our college alumni members there. The rally covered 20km of hilly roads. Special traffic regulations and arrangements by Hyderabad Traffic Police are awesome. They ensured that the bicycle riders are not stopped at major signals and the rally is given ample road space thorough-out the 20km stretch.

I took about an hour and five minutes to complete the ride. Sunil is faster, took about 55 minutes.

Here are some pics from the event.



Having put close to 40km on my bicycle so far in the day, my legs are cramped and my body is tired, but my heart is filled with joy. The joy of participation. Thanks HBC!


Wedding Anniversary

17 Aug

Our wedding anniversary turned out to be quite a busy day. We could head out in the morning for a really uneventful shopping session. Lunch at Little Italy is really nice with its comprehensive menu – we are too full by the time we headed out of the restaurant. Because of kids’ busy schedules, dinner is take away from a local restaurant. As usual, our anniversary cake (death-by-chocolate, whenever Spurthi goes to the bakery) turned out to be a perfect dessert. Here are the pics from the day.




During the day, we also went to NetEnrich to celebrate with a few goodies. Here we are at NetEnrich.






SRKREC Alumni Hyderabad Meet 2012

19 Feb

Today we had a blast! The SRKR Engineering College Alumni Meet is a great success. About 400 alumni and 20+ faculty members attended the grand event. The event is hosted by Oakridge School and their arrangements are top notch – Multi Purpose Hall, Audio Visual Equipment, Food, Power backups, Facilities logistics and what not – every things is top quality. The event started a bit late because of delayed arrival for registrations. We had to rush thru some of the proceedings but finally made sure that every registrant captured nice moments with their classmates and friends.

NetEnrich is one of the sponsors of the event. We ran a slideshow that discusses how our industry academic interactions helped each other.

Couldn’t capture any pictures during the day’s indoor proceedings. However, here are decent number of pics from the registration and socializing phases.



SRKR Alumni Meet 2012 – 01



NetEnrich at Hyderabad 10k Run 2011

28 Nov

Our participation in Hyderabad 10K run increased from last year. We made 40+ registrations this year. We collected the kits and distributed them on Friday itself.

The day started very cloudy on Sunday. I ended up staying awake the whole night and made an airport trip at 4.30am, returning home only around 7.00am. I made it to the venue along with Spurthi only at about 7.30am, barely making it before the 7.40am start date. Spurthi branched off to run with her friends. After the usual photoshoot before the run (we could only meet few of our coworkers in that huge crowd), we started the run. The arrangements made by Hyderabad Traffic Police are fantastic, as usual. The drinking water arrangements made are not as big as the previous years, but they are ample enough. Music bands at various locations upped the tempo during the run.

We made another photo shoot session at the finish line with the team members who did the complete run. Here are the pics from the run.



NetEnrich at Hyderabad 10K Run 2011


First time – Bicycle to work

21 Oct

My first bicycle to work in India today, in about more than a decade. Started at about 6.20am at home and reached our NetEnrich office by 7.00am. The distance is quite short at 8km but most of it is uphill. A couple of steeps at Jubilee hills really tested my thigh muscles. All the practice in the last few days came in handy.




Did a short demo of the gear bike and accessories/apparel during lunch hour in office. We had some quality time when our coworkers tried going uphill on the ramp from cellar, both using low gears and high gears.

Ganesh Nimajjanam – NetEnrich

08 Sep

After 7 nights of hosting Ganeshji’s idol, its time for Nimajjanam (immersion of the idol in a lake or any other water body). Raghu started with the final part of the rituals and then offered the last round of food to God. There is a 11-item food bonanza arranged in the parking area of the building. Our admin and support staff worked hard to make sure that the process is very smooth.

Once we all are assembled, Aravind started the auction of the Laddu. It is our typical Hyderabadi culture during this festival season, to auction the laddu and use the money for charity or related purposes. We participated in the auction as individuals but as time went on, we grouped into teams and participated. Finally our team of a handful of people won the auction.

After the auction, the idol is shifted to the vehicle. we took the idol to the nearest lake and immersed it with the rituals.

Pics from the day are here:






Ganesh Puja @ NetEnrich

03 Sep

Our teams at NetEnrich are taking turns to offer Puja to Ganeshji. Our family’s turn came on Saturday evening. Offering of Puja is traditionally a family event and our family headed to work in the evening. It is also a custom to make Food to offer to God (and it is called Prasadam).

Here are the pics from our family’s evening at NetEnrich. The photos cover only part of our staff that are on shift at that time. I got side tracked into making food arrangements rather than taking pics.


NetEnrich Ganesh Puja – 2011 – Sep-03-PM