Dennis Ritchie

For close to two and half decades of my programming life, the name Dennis Ritchie has become a synonym for simplicity, elegance, portability and efficiency. My love for the C language started very casually and grew with time. Having been exposed to other programming languages like BASIC, Fortran and Pascal, it took me two full… Continue reading Dennis Ritchie

Unix, Reboots and System Administration

Paul Venezia has written three good articles in the last few days and they are really worth reading. First, he talks about the nine traits of the Veteran Unix Admin, that summarized a bunch of characteristics of seasoned Unix admins. The ninth trait led to a bigger discussion on rebooting and how Unix boxes are… Continue reading Unix, Reboots and System Administration

Busy Cores

A nice picture of all the six cores on my OpenSolaris desktop being 100% occupied. From Screenshots01 This is my new desktop and I stress tested the system over the weekend. Installed it with OpenSolaris 2009.06 version. Still need to patch it and install some software on that…