Costs of Data Center Outages

10 Sep

This post at discusses several interesting metrics and forecasts. They include

  • Data transfer metrics from/to Data Centers
  • Top causes for Data Center Downtimes
  • Top Cloud Outages due to Data Center Downtimes
  • Projected outage costs

As cloud based services become more and more prominent, the reliance on data centers is pushed from end customers to cloud service providers. That way, data center outages are going to get more visibility while they are hosting cloud service providers than while hosting end customers.

In other words, while consumers appear to be moving more towards cloud based services, the cloud based services themselves become more reliant on the data center services that cut across multiple geographic regions.

Here is the graphic for quick access, from

Data Centers Downtime
Data Centers Downtime

3 thoughts on “Costs of Data Center Outages

  1. Hi Alluri,

    I have gone through your posting and its really informative on the cloud based services . I did not understood about the first comment from cisco that Cisco divides data center in to three broad classes.
    First one is the 76 % of the data traffic that remains in the data center from the explained graph. I did not understood the meaning of it “76% traffic that remains in datacenter” . could you please explain that when ever you have time. The other thing i have noticed is that when i click on the link post at it is taking to your Vinayaka chaviti at home page.

    Gowtham Kumar.

    1. My bad. Corrected the link. Thanks for pointing it out.

      The 76% traffic is the traffic within the datacenters (that doesn’t reach end users) but may be transferred between various components hosted within datacetner. Examples are authentication traffic, name services traffic, traffic between DB & app tiers and traffic between multiple cloud components that collaborate (e.g. intermediate search results on cloud based content) among each other. The traffic passes thru internal network devices (switches, firewalls) but never goes out of the DC’s IP space to the internet.

      1. Ha got it, Thanks for clearing out the confusion. I have assumed it however i thought that 75 % traffic will the browsed by the internal users of the customers or the organization .

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