Robot Speeds

Cheetah, world’s fastest robot till date, clocked 28.3mph on a controlled treadmill tether. This DARPA project implemented by Boston Dynamics has impressive progress in the recent past and has interesting roadmap ahead. There are a few more interesting Robots from Boston Dynamics: Sand Flea, BigDog, etc. Check them out!  

Publishing in the new world

The world of publishing has gone thru considerable changes in the last couple of decades. Many publishers around the world are moving towards content generation by syndication rather than the age old “editorial reviews followed by queuing for publishing” approach. Let us see some examples: Global media houses like CNN have content syndicated from individual… Continue reading Publishing in the new world

SRKREC Alumni Hyderabad Meet 2012

Today we had a blast! The SRKR Engineering College Alumni Meet is a great success. About 400 alumni and 20+ faculty members attended the grand event. The event is hosted by Oakridge School and their arrangements are top notch – Multi Purpose Hall, Audio Visual Equipment, Food, Power backups, Facilities logistics and what not –… Continue reading SRKREC Alumni Hyderabad Meet 2012

SRKR Alumni Meet in Hyderabad

We have an upcoming SRKR Engineering College Alumni Meet in Hyderabad. Please register as soon as possible, to qualify for the early bird discount on registration fee. Use the facebook page to comment/suggest/socialize the event. We also have a twitter feed for Alumni now. Date of Event: 19th Feb 2012 Venue: Oakridge International School, Hyderabad… Continue reading SRKR Alumni Meet in Hyderabad

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SRKR Alumni Meet Coordination Committee First Meet

We are conducting Hyderabad edition of SRKR Engineering College Alumni Meet in February, 2012. Prof. G. V. Padmaraju helped putting together a Coordination Committee to ensure the success of the meet. Today is the first meeting of the Coordination Committee. We did the introductions and then discussed the logistics, approach and ownership for various activities.… Continue reading SRKR Alumni Meet Coordination Committee First Meet

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Dennis Ritchie

For close to two and half decades of my programming life, the name Dennis Ritchie has become a synonym for simplicity, elegance, portability and efficiency. My love for the C language started very casually and grew with time. Having been exposed to other programming languages like BASIC, Fortran and Pascal, it took me two full… Continue reading Dennis Ritchie

The Month of March

The month of examinations is here already. Spurthi has exams starting 07th of this month. Surya’s examinations are going to start later this month and they last till end of the month. Busy month ahead!

Fees Reimbursement in Andhra Pradesh

The Government of Andhra Pradesh dilly-dallying on the fees reimbursement got ample wrath from Supreme Court. The Respected Court rightly observed that the Government can’t go back on something that it promised for such a wide range of public. I am personally against populist schemes that have potential to endlessly make holes to State exchequer.… Continue reading Fees Reimbursement in Andhra Pradesh


Participated in SPURTHI-11 on 03rd Feb at SRKR Engineering College, Bhimavaram. NetEnrich is platinum sponsor of the event. I did a keynote speech on how we manage anything and everything from a desktop to a cloud. Here are the pics from the event. Spurthi-11