Spurthi’s Rank & Schoolday 2010

04 Dec

We got a call from Meridian school in the middle of the last week, stating that Spurthi stood first in the school rankings for the year 2009-2010. She top-ranked the team as per the overall CGPA informed a couple of days ago.

The school conducted an annual sports day today at Gachibowli stadium. We reached there by 2.15pm and settled down at a location with reasonable view. Surya reached school early in the morning, for his practice sessions for the dance program.

The school made elaborate arrangements for the event at the stadium. Prajnan Ojha, cricketer, is the guest on honor. Spurthi is given her medal and certificate in the first few minutes of the event.

Madhu also came by to wish Spurthi on the occassion. I also met a few friends there at the event: MSR, JRR, Vani and others.

All the sports day programs are very well organized. It took till about 7.30pm by the time the event is concluded with Jaya-Ho song.

After the event, we met with a few relatives of Latha for dinner. We had a fulfilling dinner and then headed home.

Really a great and memorable day for all of us…


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