10K Run 2010

29 Nov

This year, I am back at 10K run (I am down sick last year and 2008 is good). Spurthi started the preparations by inviting her friends. That made me start my planning at work. For the first time, we at NetEnrich wanted to do it as a formal corporate run (we always have participants in individual capacity). Within the last couple of days left for the corporate run registrations, we got decent number of participants signed up at work.

We collected our kits on Friday and distributed to participants at work. On the day of the run, Spurthi and myself started at about 6.15am and reached the start point by 6.45am. Parking was bit of a challenge, because most parking space is already taken. Finally managed to squeeze in my car near Prasad’s.

Our team members started assembling by 7.30. We unveiled our banner and started for the run by 8.15am. We did a short stretch of banner walk/run and then started running at our own pace. I could run for about 2-3km and I did a quick paced walk rest of the distance. I could cover the 8km in an hour and 10 minutes. It took me another 15 minutes to cover the two km beyond the corporate run’s end point. Our team members quickly met once again and then disbanded to their respective destinations.

This year’s run didn’t have that many fun activities throughout the stretch. However, special mention is due for Glucon-D, for their endless supply of their Isotonik energy drinks. I really liked their efforts and planning: well spaced throughout the 10km. Kingfisher water came in handy too. I also like the efforts of traffic police for ensuring well cordoned running stretch.

Once Spurthi and her friends are done with their run, we headed home munching breakfast.


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