Back Online at Home

09 Dec

My BSNL Internet Modem died on Sunday night. That has shut doors on my internet connectivity at home. The modem was installed in 2005 March (yes, 5y9m ago) and the Huawei SmartAX-MT880, one of the earliest of BSNL’s ADSL modems, finally gave up.

Having changed so many plans these 5.5+ years, BSNL took time to track ownership of the modem. My claim is that the modem is on rental and they should replace it free of cost. They thought that since I am on a high end plan that started recently with a outright modem purchase option, I should purchase a new one. This discussion finally got to a resolution on Tuesday and BSNL could track that they own the old modem. So they replaced it with a new Type-1 modem (one with a single RJ-45 and no wireless.) I have enough network gear to back it up on my side of the connection with wireless connectivity and multiple switch ports. So I opted for the same Type-1 modem. The modem got installed this evening (Wednesday) and that resulted in almost 67 hours of lack of internet connectivity at home.

Once I am back from work, I started configuring my personal network gear to make suitable changes. That story will be on a separate blog post.

Anyway, after this long wait, I am back online at home and cruising back at my top speed.

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