Home Internet Disruption

02 May

My home internet is disrupted since Friday AM. This is the major outage I had since my subscription to BSNL dataone service in March 2005. I switched to multiple plans in these five years and am very happy so far with the service. But this time, looks like the service is going to be disrupted for a couple of more days.

The disruption came at a very wrong time: when I am sick and stayed home. Add to this, the burden of troubleshooting the problem by checking and reinitializing the home router (and thus reconfiguring the home network devices again.) This is real painful.
One funny technical side note. I was happily using my opensolaris desktop to troubleshoot the network problems. Note that the box is also running VirtualBox and a bunch of VMs. The moment the home router is turned off (and nwam detects linkdown for the default interface nge0), the vnic takes over as the default route. Even if the home router comes back again at a later time, I had tough time accessing the web interface of the home router. In such situations, the best thing to do is to restart the nwam service, so that it forces detection of the ethernet interface (nge0 in my case) prior to the vnic interface. Good old svcadm!

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