Muscle Spasm

26 Apr

I hurt my back while picking up something from the floor early this morning. A bit of exercise later, I though I am good to go to work, but was proved wrong after being at work for about 4 hours. Managed to drive back home but situation got worse by late afternoon. Rushed to Care hospital and took appointment of Dr. B. N. Prasad. The X-rays showed no dislocation or slip disks. But there could be minor collapse of the column due to muscle spasm. The next set of tests are due early next week and the doctor suggested bed rest until then. I was given a shot to relax the muscles in the lower back area. That helped a bit, but not much in relieving pain.
So most  of the online activity now is by keeping the laptop on a 4-ft tall cooler and using the same as support while standing. Reminds me of those kiosks in transit areas of international airports. :-).

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