Home network is back again

05 May

I wrote about the home network disruption and my worst fears have come true. It is more of a lack of communication than service disruption. On Thursday, I sent an application for DSL plan change for my home internet with BSNL DataOne. Looks like they changed the plan on Friday evening, after a short service disruption. However, the line technicians didn’t know that my userid as well as the login domain are changed as part of the new plan. The back office didn’t bother to call me and update me.

After spending extended hours at work on Sunday and Monday, I decided to put this case to rest and headed to BSNL office early on Tuesday. The JTO at BSNL technical desk figured out what went wrong. He gave me the credentials for the new domain. Once I used that, the PPPoE link is established again. Being already late to work, I deferred the network reconfiguration until Wednesday evening.

As of now, the network configurations are redone and all systems are connected back to the routers. At home, I am back online now.

I am impressed by the speed offered by the new BSNL home combo plans. The speed is good and it is a real value for money.

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