Bon Voyage and Airport Drop-Off

25 Apr

Sunitha and kids headed back to US on Saturday. The four week long trip bonded the kids together, so that is a bit hard for them to leave. We went to the airport close to midnight and they had an easy check-in. The seating allocation by Emirates is not good though, for the longer leg of the travel. May be that thing gets sorted out in the plane. The airport is relatively empty by the time we reached there and customs and security is very smooth for them. It got a bit crowded after that though.

The McDonalds at the airport didn’t offer any dessert menu items at 2.00am ;-). A bit saddened by that because I was in a real mood for a Coke Float at that time.

Our Xylo came in handy for the airport trip. The third row seats are folded and I kept 4 regular sized international baggage, two small sized baggage and a couple of carry-in bags in the resultant trunk space. After that, 5 adults (including me, the driver) and two kids could comfortably sit through the 35+km journey. Nikil slept on the lap though, that being an odd hour.

Ravi headed home last week itself, due to shorter vacation. His Emirates flight is rerouted via Toranto due to the European ash clouds. Now the aircrafts are taking their normal flight paths.

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