Review of Voters Lists

21 Dec

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) is in the process of updating the voters lists. Last month, we gave new photographs for inclusion in voters lists. The voters lists are open for review right now and it is time to submit the corrections, if any.

I went to GHMC office on Thursday morning. Before going there, I downloaded the lists at home and reviewed our family members’ details for accuracy. Ravi’s and Sunitha’s entries needed minor corrections, but other than that, all the details came up fine in the draft lists. I took the serial numbers (within our segment’s list) of each member of our family to GHMC. Although the details are correct, I had to check each name against their respective photograph (and GHMC uploads the lists to the web only without photographs, for various reasons.)
The process for corrections at GHMC is very manual and laborious. You need to find the segment in which your address falls and search manually for entries in the printed copy of the segment’s list. In my case, I am very lucky. Having the serial numbers of our family members, it took me less than a minute to verify the photographs in the printed lists. It took me another 5 minutes to fill out a couple of forms for Ravi and Sunitha, to have the minor corrections. I got acknowledgement slips for both the applications.

BTW, the response of the GHMC staff in this regard is first rate. They are giving all the necessary forms and explaining the process well. It is just that a couple of steps in the process are too manual and laborious.

For someone who checked the details on web prior to going to GHMC, the time it takes would be less than 10 minutes. But for someone who doesn’t do that, they are up for an uphill task. Next time, GHMC should improve this process. May be they can have a couple of kiosks to search for the names online. That will save lot of time for citizens as well as GHMC staff.

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