Golconda Fort

23 Dec

On Saturday we visited Golconda Fort. Only our family and Sekar’s family showed interest, so we went there in two cars by about 3.00pm. The entrance fee is negligible for such a great place. They also allow you to carry food and beverages. We carried aerated drinks, water, chips and fruits. After a few meters of walk, we hired a tour guide for the trip (and here comes the expensive part.) It took us about a couple of hours to cover the major places of the Fort.


The fort presented engineering marvels of yesteryears and is a great example of masterminds in architecture, construction, security and what not. It is a really worth seeing historical place.

We are well seated for the Sound & Light Show (that starts at 6.30pm) by 5.30pm and finished off our snacks and beverages. The show is at an additional cost. The crowd is huge on that day, but we got the best seats in the arena. The show started very well but the prolonged poetry and songs ruined the experience. The show can be trimmed from 1 hour to about 30 minutes.

We started back at about 7.45pm and reached home by 8.30pm. It is a great day for the kids to see architectural wonders of yesteryears. Especially the communication using claps, sound carrying walls, noise amplifying courtyards, multi stage lifting and “securing” of water are the concepts one will remember for life.

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