Spurthi and Surya are done with their term exams on Thursday and have holidays till the end of the year. So they called other kids for a sleepover at our place. Milind, Sriya and Vishal joined them on Thursday afternoon. So they are busy the whole evening (actually, till 2.00am the next morning.)

Latha and myself went to some shopping at Abids in the evening. Once we are back, Latha experimented Corn Fingers for snacks. We ordered food for kids from Corn Club.

Kids liked the food, but haven’t rated it on par with other high calorie non-veg stuff.After dinner, kids stayed awake till morning hours, reading books and playing games. Interestingly, TV is not an option they have chosen.

They woke up very early on Friday morning and ate their breakfast without any complaints or delays. As usual, they asked for more time when they are about to leave. :-).

By Raju Alluri

Blogging on my personal site since 2006, I try to cover both personal and work related events and thoughts in this blog. You can reach me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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