Latha’s birthday

21 Nov

Most of our cousins came home from the party to wish Latha a happy birthday. The plan is to stay back till midnight and then cut a cake. While the parents kept themselves busy in card games and conversations, kids played some music and played computer games. After midnight, we had a serving of cake.


Kids stayed awake till 1.00am and most of the guests left by that time. RK and family stayed back, so Latha, myself, Sunitha, RK and others played cards till 4.00am. I couldn’t sleep beyond 5.30, so the entire day I was a little drowsy. The day is little inactive because people woke up at different times and the schedules are upset by large margins. We went for a small shopping in the evening. Surya and Nidhi bought some jokes books.Vijay came by at about 7.00pm and after dinner, we cut another cake.


It is past 10.30pm by the time we winded up the day.

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