Seeing Off Sunitha and Kids

24 Nov

Sunitha, Nidhi and Nikhil boarded their flight back to California early hours of Saturday. So Friday was a very hectic day. Latha managed to get back home early from work, but is constrained due to toothache. She is going to go to a dentist later today. Sunitha started showing some fever and hope she manages through the journey.
The Friday started a little early. Spurthi and Surya left to school for the last of their unit test exams. We started packing bags for the return trip. I had to go to Abids and pickup a few last minute items. I also made a custom box for a fragile decorative piece. Picked up pre-ordered sweets from the sweet sthop after lunch. There is a constant flow of visitors during the day and we packed bags to the weight limits by the airlines.

Once Spurthi and Surya are back, I ordered some snacks from ChicKing. Nikhil is taking a post lunch nap by that time, but rest of them enjoyed the snack. Then kids started playing with the packing material, especially the cut paper. They spent some time listening to songs and playing with whatever they can.

We had a nice serving of biriyani for dinner. Then I took kids out to a Diwali fireworks session. This would be the last session for Nidhi and Nikhil at least for a couple of years. Nikil refused to accept that and started insisting that he wants more fireworks “tomorrow”.

Due to busy schedule, we couldn’t cover most of the visitors, but here are some pics from the day:


After the fireworks session, we left for the airport. At the airport, we hired a handyman to get all the luggage to the checkin counter. With Sunitha showing signs of fever, that option turned out to be a good choice.It is almost 11.30 by the time the checkin is done (it took about an hour) and then we had a small chat with Sunitha and kids before greeting them a farewell. Spurthi and Surya are understandably upset to see them go, so are my in-laws.We are back home and put the previous day to rest by 12.30am. That concluded 5 weeks of hectic trip by Sunitha, Ravi and kids.

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