Get Together

21 Nov

We had a get together of the family members on Saturday night. The event is to make sure that Sunitha and kids meet all the close relatives, without the need to actually go and visit them. We initially wanted to do this event when Ravi is around, but his short trip didn’t give a chance for such a planned event.

The get together is at a local club in Film Nagar area. We expected about 60-70 guests and our calculations are right on spot. We started gathering at about 6.30pm and the party went on till about 10.00pm. Kids have enough room to play and they also watched part of the movie being played on big screen.

Nidhi is a little tired earlier in the day, but she did very well through out the party. Nikhil is on high spirits for the entire session. Spurthi and Surya are in their usual mood of high spirits during the party.

It is also a chance for me to try out my new formal wardrobe. :-). It indeed surprised many guests to see me in a dress other than shorts or jeans.

Being part of the hosting family, couldn’t manage to cover everyone in my photographs. Here are some memories from the get together.


The food and other arrangements went very smooth. The taste of the food is appreciated by many.
Thanks to those who attended the event for a memorable evening.

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