Om Shanti Om: Hindi Movie

18 Nov

We took kids to the Hindi movie Om Shanti Om on Thursday night. Since this was the only movie going opportunity for kids in the next one week, we had to forfeit the option of watching the India Pakistan Cricket match.

Kids enjoyed the movie and immediately switched to that audio album in my car. They got all the noise and glitter they wanted in the songs. So it is not a wasted time after all.

How is the movie? Well, you may come up with two different feelings. Parts of the movie are good and entertaining, but the entire movie, put together, is nothing but a patch work.

The script of the movie borrows its theme from Java’s popular tag line from the past: Write Once, Run Anywhere. The script writers have written the scenes and dialogues once and made them repeat many times throught the film. (That word many often refers to a number much more than two.) To sum up the movie, have a really slow and apparently meaningless series of events in the first half and repeat them through the revamped and reincarnated cast in the second half. But the second half offers more meaning and sense than the first half.

Here are some of the things I liked about the movie:

  • Dum Tara song, which offers nostalgia from films of 70s and 80s.
  • Theme song, which offers a screen full of movie personalities.
  • The filmfare awards spoof, featuring Dhoom 5, Phir Bhi Dil Hai NRI, Main Bhi Hoon Naa and Return of Khiladi.
  • The Murugan episode
  • Interwoven Karz from the past.
  • Credits at the end

Here are the things I didn’t like about the movie

  • The heroine’s role (both in first life and the reincarnation or whatever) is simply confusing, stupid and ill-baked.
  • The costumes from the past are well designed to the theme, but they are too bright to be realistic.
  • Too much back and forth from the past and the present in the second half.

BTW, I like Farah Khan’s efforts in this movie. She just told what she wanted to tell, without worrying much about logic. She tried to maintain the tempo, but fails in most cases in the first half.

Overall, it is a good pass time, but I won’t sit through the entire movie again. I may watch the songs again and again when the DVD is out.

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