OpenSolaris installer and new user creation

05 Oct

The OpenSolaris installer (Build 72) asks for a (non-root) user name and password during installation and creates this user by default. However, this user is not seen in the User/Group administration UI (/usr/bin/users-admin). Took a look at the /etc/passwd file and the reason is trivial.

  • The installer creates the given user with an user id in the 100+ space, typically 101.
  • The users-admin tool allows you to manage users in the 60000+ range. The tool considers users with lower addresses as housekeeping user ids.

If you want to see the user name given during installation, then you need to check the “Show all users” box in the users-admin UI.

It would be better if the installer creates the user in the default general user ID space (64K+)

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