Telugu Audio Review: Atidhi

04 Oct

A few words about the packaging of the album: Two CDs are crammed in a tight space and I don’t like those scratches. Luckily, the scratches are on the black parts of the CD. I don’t really require that free CD, so use that space to put some decent packing material instead.

This much awaited Manisharma album is in the market recently and I grabbed a copy today. Listened to the songs a couple of times and felt like writing a review.

The longest song of the album is of 4 minutes and 49 seconds. That means the songs are short and sweet.

  • Khabaddharani: Penned by Sitaramasastry, this song is typical solo song of the hero. The lyrics highlight the “I am a tough guy” fact that you ought to know about the hero, even if you already know about it. :-). The lyrics are good, but this sort of song would make you pay more attention to the beats and filming than to the lyrics. The beats are good. Voices of Naveen and Rahul are apt.
  • Gona Gona Gona Gonannanaana: A duet by Naveen and Rita penned by Chandrabose. A good duet that will leave the success to the hands of the film rather than pulling the album by itself.
  • Satyam Emito: Sitaramasastry’s neat work and definitely the best in the album. One fact I like about Mahesh’s movies is there is always a class song that depicts the state of the mind, fits the situation and make you relish the song better after you watch the movie. (Like Galagala Paaruthunna Godaarila in Pokiri and Neetho Cheppana in Athadu.) This song has such potential. The lyrics hint a misunderstanding between the hero and heroine. Take these lyrics for example: Chandrudi edalo mantani, vennela anukuntaarani or Ninu neeve sarigaa kanalede manasaa. Very good depiction of the state of the mind when one’s past still haunts him/her. The voices are of Deepu and Usha.
  • Kilaadi Koona: Somehow I feel like I am listening to a AR Rehaman song, especially from the Boys movie, when I listen to this song. The occasional Mexican tunes and Tabla mix may confuse you for a few seconds. Lyrics by Viswa have more English words than Telugu words and are in the form of a dialogue than a song. Voices of Karthik and Rita are ok for this energetic number. This song has all the qualities required to be a hit among young audience.
  • Ratraina naaku OK, Pagalaina naaku OK: The must have item number. Felt like I am listening to a much laboured M-TV track. Music is good, but the lyrics by Bhaskarabhatla are to the lines of, as expected, item numbers. I am surprised by the lyrics for the male voice: they are more threatening 🙂 the girl than luring her. BTW, remember that soft tune from Alluri Seetarama Raju, Vastaadu Naa Raju Ee Roju? That classic tune is given a item number twist for a few seconds in this song. Gives an example of how you can twist an old classic. Despite all that, this is one of the best item numbers in the recent times and I love the variation in the voice of Anushka. Renjith did a decent job.
  • Valla Valla Ee Chinukilla: A good duet by Rahul and Dharmana. The tune takes a lot of variations through out the song and I loved every bit of it. There is no dull moment, but there is no super duper moment too.

Overall, this album is a potential hit and will add to the success of the movie if the movie is any good. That is typical Manisharma. Buy your copy and enjoy!

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