First Asterix

07 Oct

Hmm… May be I am too old to start reading Asterix, but it is never too late. On Friday night, watched a small part of Asterix & Obelix meet Cleopatra and am impressed with it. Especially the comments on Architects. I guess software Architects are no different. ;-).
I had to stop watching the movie because my daughter has an exam on Saturday and she is glued to TV while I was watching the movie. However, my curiosity in Asterix grew.

My plan is to spend a weekend with no much technical stuff, so provided a perfect background to start reading Asterix. I pulled out Asterix the Gladiator from my kids’ bookshelf on Saturday morning and enjoyed quality time reading it. I guess depending on your age group, you can derive different ways of fun reading Asterix.

Good beginning to a weekend!

2 thoughts on “First Asterix

  1. Better late than never!
    I felt the books were better than the movies.
    Look carefully at the sketches, the funny face feelings in the animation.
    Enjoy ’em.

  2. Being a big fan of comics I have over the years collected a whole lot of comics including Archies, Phantom, Tarzan Classics, Li\’l Abner Classics, Wizard of Id Asterix to name a few. However the other day my nephew happened to leave the asterix collection on the floor and Rocky (my German Shepard) had a blast by tearing it all apart. I went online to purchase a new set of asterix and to my surprise (or call it luck) I got the Tintin collection free of cost for buying the asterix collection on IndiaPlaza.

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