Medical Evaluations

27 Sep

Sun is conducting medical evaluations for all the employees in India, in collaboration with the insurance company and Sagar Hospitals. I am glad to see lot of employees are taking this opportunity and sparing time to get themselves evaluated.

I went thru these tests on Monday and the reports came on Wednesday. All the reports came up with very normal readings and the doctor pronounced that I am in good health. The only issue is my weight, which can reduce by higher single digits in kilos, to qualify me to be in a much better health condition. (Sorry if the last sentence confuses you. I intentionally made it that way 🙂 )

I should put some serious efforts in that direction. Few years ago, my triglycerides are approaching the suggested maximum, so in the span of 2 years, I got them to a very reasonable level. Now I have to work on the weight factor.