Separating with Sun

27 Sep

This news may surprise many of you who know about my passion for the company and its technologies. I joined Sun as a consultant in 1995 and took a full time position in 1997. Relocated to India in 2001, but stayed with Sun. It is not easy leaving a company where I learned a lot from the individuals and the infrastructure.

This separation potentially gets me more family time and I will look forward to doing more activities centered in Hyderabad rather than sticking to Bangalore. I miss the great minds at Sun, but strongly feel that with the current global economies and the trend towards open source technologies, that can be bridged easily.

Today I am handing over my laptop and other infrastructure back to Sun. I need to procure some systems to be online “securely.” Until then, I may be out of touch with emails and blogs. I can be reached by email at spurthi at gmail dot com.

I am also planning to take 1-2 weeks of complete time off, before talking to potential associations and affiliations. This break is very much due after more than a decade here.
Will be back online soon.