Introductory Wildlife Photography Meetup

Twin Cities Photography Club (TCPC) conducted a meetup on Introductory Wildlife Photography on 24th August.  The meetup is attended by about 20 members. I enrolled into the meetup closer to the end of the RSVP process.

The day was sunny and bright enough for shooting in the wild. We headed to Narsapur forest, about 40km from the city. The training part of the meetup included key aspects of wildlife photography including preparation (food, attire), precautions and simple techniques. The importance of patience is very well evidenced during the exercises where we attempted to shoot pictures of butterflies.

I shot most of my pictures with my Canon T2i using my 55mm-250mm kit lens. For the first few pics, I used my 18mm-135mm lens. I focused a bit on framing of the picture and shutter speed. However, the biggest takeaways for me (from the meetup) are more practicing of manual focus and attempting exposure compensation during lowlight conditions.

Here are a few pics from the day:



We headed back for a late lunch. My carpool included a team of passionate individuals and we discussed a good range of photography topics during our travel.

It is a well organized meetup from TCPC. The organizers did a very good job.

By Raju Alluri

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