SRKR Alumni Meet Coordination Committee First Meet

We are conducting Hyderabad edition of SRKR Engineering College Alumni Meet in February, 2012. Prof. G. V. Padmaraju helped putting together a Coordination Committee to ensure the success of the meet. Today is the first meeting of the Coordination Committee. We did the introductions and then discussed the logistics, approach and ownership for various activities.

Attendees are

  • Anand Reddy
  • Venu Myneni
  • Mohan Kumar
  • Sridhar Narra
  • Satya
  • Sirisha
  • Divya Prathima
  • Jahnavi
  • Raju Alluri

SRKR Alumni, stay tuned for an exciting event!





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By Raju Alluri

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  1. Yesterday ( 19-02-2012 ) I attended the Alumi at Oakridge School , I met Our Professors Lecturers and Friends. I am very happy to met them all . Best Wishes To ALL SRKREC Family.

    G.Vijayabhaskar B.E ( ECE )

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