Obama, Hillary and a Telugu Daily

17 Mar

Obama and Hillary and engaged in the closest battle for nomination in the recent history. Neither of them would have predicted that their fight for nomination would be the theme for an advertisement across the globe, that too for a local Telugu daily.

While driving to my brother’s place today, I spotted an advertisement for Sakshi, a Telugu daily to be launched on March 24th. The text in the advertisement reads (in Telugu):

Mee naannaki America adhyakhudu Bush ani ennikala falitaala tarvaata telisindi. Pagee tippithe chaalu, Obama Hillary-la balaabalaalu meeku telustaayi.

The closest English translation would be:

Your father came to know that Bush is President of America only after the election results are declared. When you flip a page, you would know the current standings [in delegate counts] of Obama and Hillary.

Interesting advertisement. :-). Congratulations Obama and Hillary!

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