Hrithik, Cinthol and the Action

11 Apr

Godrej’s Cinthol is my favorite soap for situations like hot summers and post sweaty activities. Godrej recently relaunched an improved range of Cinthol. I stumbled up on a well shot advertisement featuring Hrithik Roshan and Cinthol during my short TV time earlier this week. Despite being well shot, will this advertisement take the product range to the younger generation of consumers? Will it considerably improve the sales of this good product? We need to wait and see.

A short sidetrack from the techie side of me: They might have spent a few crores of rupees on the advertisement, but their brand website for Cinthol (linked from their product page) greets with Apache webserver’s welcome page. They should have spent a few thousands ironing this one out!

2 thoughts on “Hrithik, Cinthol and the Action

  1. yeah.. the bug was fixed.. cudnt imagine ppl wud spare time to write abt their fav soaps and all.. ne ways i wud happy to see more audio reviews esp. the latest telugu ones.. thts how i reached the site. it’s a pity tht v dont find many sites with reviews of telugu audio while the patriots of neighbouring state TN film industry flood up internet with all kinds of reviews. By the way i like cinthol too.. !!! hehehe

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