Mission Peaks This Morning

11 Nov

I haven’t had enough of Mission Peaks hiking. Headed there again today, accompanied by Krishna K.V. and Sunil Gadgil. We started out so early (reached the park y 4.45am) that I got parking right at the park’s lot. And I had about 20 choices on where I can park. What a luxury?

Weather is awesome while we are climbing up. Decent temperatures, no high wind chills and the skies are really clear. Once we reached the top, we managed to get a few great photos.

Once we started heading down, the cloud blankets started sneaking in. It got windy and chilly at that point.

Here are a few pics from the day.



Giving a bit of detail, these shoes are supposed to be black in color. That is an indication of a good hike…

From MissionPeaks-2013-11-10


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