Three Phones

05 Jan

I have been using three phones in the recent past and all three have their own distinct purpose. The purpose of these devices is varying a lot and I am on the verge of kicking out one. The choice seems to be very trivial in terms of which one of these is being kicked out.

  • Blackberry: This has been my legacy work phone. Still has traces of usage for checking emails, sending SMS and regular phone calls.
  • iPhone: This is becoming my primary work phone, that is linked to email, one time password and authentication systems and a bit of communication like FaceTime. Depending on the carrier of the hour, this is also used for maps and other related applications.
  • Android: This is my primary and preferred personal phone. I feel like I have more control on the network (connectivity and bandwidth), data and identity aspects of my internet usage while using my Android phone. The applications I use mostly are simple and effective. The current device I use may be a little under powered for the kind of apps I have loaded, but I feel confident about the ease of moving to another device. Most of my personal authentication systems are linked at this time to this phone.

Given the usage patterns, the role of my Blackberry is slowly confining to being a device that makes phone calls. Once that is done, I may do away with that phone forever.


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