Too many readers!

11 Jun

A family with many readers gets its own challenges at times! Never realized that we compete so much for books. During the last weekend, three of our family members are found to be in the middle of reading the three books of a trilogy. I was in the middle of the first book – The Hunger Games; Latha was reading the second one – Catching Fire; Spurthi, the fastest reader of us as of today – was reading Mockingjay. At times, we are stuck while the other reader completes the next one in the sequence. Surya spared us by confining to games and online reading.

I see the same deadlock over some of the recent Telugu books I purchased – both my in-laws and myself wanting to read the same book when we find a few minutes to rest.

In a way, it is good to compete for books – much better than competing for a TV remote.

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