IPv6 Launch Day

07 Jun

Good to see that the IPv6 launch day on 06th June got more attention and action when compared to the previous years. This year, we have concrete evidences that things are falling in place.

We are seeing that big players in Internet consumer land, like Google, D-Link, Cisco, etc. putting their weight behind IPv6 readiness.

A simple DNS query for the AAAA records of google sites (plus.google.com, picasaweb.google.com) is giving encouraging results – There are special DNS names ( <app>.l.google.com ) that are CNAMES for the IPv6 land and specific IPv6 address for each app.


Searching for plus.google.com. AAAA record at G.ROOT-SERVERS.NET. [] …took 126 ms
Searching for plus.google.com. AAAA record at h.gtld-servers.net. [] …took 10 ms
Searching for plus.google.com. AAAA record at ns4.google.com. [] …took 13 ms
AAAA record found: 2a00:1450:4001:c01:0:0:0:64
Domain Type TTL Answer
plus.google.com. AAAA 300 2a00:1450:4001:c01:0:0:0:64


Searching for picasaweb.google.com. AAAA record at L.ROOT-SERVERS.NET. [] …took 10 ms
Searching for picasaweb.google.com. AAAA record at f.gtld-servers.net. [] …took 178 ms
Searching for picasaweb.google.com. AAAA record at ns1.google.com. [] …took 13 ms
CNAME record found: picasaweb.l.google.com.
AAAA record found: 2a00:1450:4001:c01:0:0:0:88
Domain Type TTL Answer
picasaweb.google.com. CNAME 1800 picasaweb.l.google.com.


D-Link has good penetration in SOHO land and it is good to see their IPv6 solution list on this page. Understandably, the dual routers are a bit expensive and the prices are likely to come down sooner than later.

Cisco enlists a wide range of 6rd and IPv6 Phase 2 certified devices on their IPv6 home devices page here. Cisco sells to this segment under their Linksys brand-name.

Overall, it is a very good progress on the IPv6 launch day this year. You can closely follow IPv6 at


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