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08 Sep

After 7 nights of hosting Ganeshji’s idol, its time for Nimajjanam (immersion of the idol in a lake or any other water body). Raghu started with the final part of the rituals and then offered the last round of food to God. There is a 11-item food bonanza arranged in the parking area of the building. Our admin and support staff worked hard to make sure that the process is very smooth.

Once we all are assembled, Aravind started the auction of the Laddu. It is our typical Hyderabadi culture during this festival season, to auction the laddu and use the money for charity or related purposes. We participated in the auction as individuals but as time went on, we grouped into teams and participated. Finally our team of a handful of people won the auction.

After the auction, the idol is shifted to the vehicle. we took the idol to the nearest lake and immersed it with the rituals.

Pics from the day are here:






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