Food, Chocolate and 3D Printing

08 Sep

For about 2.5 decades, the concept of printers influenced my life heavily. The purpose of printing ranged from printing my “code”, results of my “code”, all the way to printing of documents and photographs. The media for printing also changed, all the way from paper to glossy photo-papers to fabric to china-ware like mugs. Give and take a few years either way, I presume your experience would be no much different.

But when I saw this article, I couldn’t stop wondering. Printing 3D chocolate of one’s own design? That seems really mouth-watering.

“Then you do a 3D shape – layer by layer, printing chocolate instead of ink, like if you were layering 2D paper to form a 3D shape,”

In addition to the above link, there are a couple of other food printing articles. Read here and here.

Hopefully, we may soon be downloading our food “formula” and print it at home. In addition to the oven and microwave slots, kitchens of the future would have “printers.” That would be interesting.


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