Swithced to SEO Friendly Permalinks

23 Aug

Finally, I switched to SEO Friendly Permalinks (Pretty Permalinks) on my personal blog hosted using WordPress. For quite some time, I had this idea in mind but I usually preferred the short URLs (that come by default) with WordPress, so that I can share them with ease in multiple other forums. Now there are several URL shortening services around and the length of the URL is not a big inhibitor anymore while sharing the URLs. After I saw the way Google+ can enumerate a given link into the status post, I felt that using short permalinks is no longer a big requirement for social sharing. Once the content and the permalink are embedded into the status update in Google Plus (I am sure others will follow the suit very soon), the update’s readability is never impacted by long URLs. The switch happened last week and now I am giving permalinks only in the “long” SEO friendly format.



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