FireFox upgraded to 6.0 and Tab Groups

18 Aug

Upgraded my desktop’s Firefox to version 6.0 today. The most notable feature I used is Panorama (a.k.a tab groups) and I started configuring it right away. After initial customization, my home profile looked like this:

Firefox Tab Groups
Firefox Tab Groups

I felt that the tab groups are very much like the workspaces on GNOME Desktop. Simple one click switchover. I also liked the way the tab groups can be named and the favicons of the tabs are highlighted.

Here are the key advantages of Tab Groups I could see

  • Avoid Tab/Window clutter
  • Avoid interruptions from tabs that are not critical for now
  • Easy switch over to other tab groups
  • Ease of linking a tab to a tab group
  • Preserving the tab groups across restarts

If you want to know how to use tabgroups, read here.

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