Xylo 2nd Service

21 Aug

We got the 2nd service (due at 8months or 8K km, whichever is earlier) done for our Xylo. It roamed around 3500km only. The vehicle is bought about 8 months ago and hence I got the 2nd servicing done, irrespective of the odometer reading. One problem that is not fixed for a few months is the external temperature sensor. Looks like the add-on chrome package is occluding the external temperature sensor on the right side mirror. The service consultant flagged this issue with the company and he says he will get back to me.

The other major issue is delay in service. The vehicle is held up at the service center for two full days. Any issue with the digital drive assist seems to take long time (just like the last service.) That process blocked one of my weekend days.

The total cost (only for parts; the service is free) is about 1000 rupees. They changed the gear oil, differential oil and topped up fluids like coolant and windshield wash fluid.

The vehicle made only about 1000km in the last 4 months (since the last service.) That is a very low usage.

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