Xylo: Post service update

23 Aug

On Sunday, I took my Xylo out for a highway drive. I wanted to get a feel of the vehicle after its 2nd service a couple of days ago. Took it over different types of roads: smooth, rugged, water clogged, etc. I felt that the driving experience improved. The stick shift (gear shift) is a bit smoother now. The vehicle handled the potholes on the roads well: I guess the key is to maintain the 35psi air pressure. If it is higher, then the ride is a bit bumpy. 35+psi was okay during summer, because the roads are relatively smooth. But on roads damaged with rain water, I think the inflation of wheels should be a bit on the softer side.

Still having a few questions about the ABS. The ABS got engaged even when I applied sudden breaks at 40kmph speed. May be it is due to the traction (or lack of) on rain hit roads. Felt that ABS to be a bit noisy when it gets engaged. Need to check it again one of these weekends.

I need to top up the fuel tank later this month and recheck the fuel efficiency. I don’t think it is going to change drastically from its 10kmpl levels (with AC, semi highway, semi city.)

Overall, I think the vehicle is running very good.

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